We feel young, we are active and we want our bodies to reflect our youthful minds and hearts. Learn about Botulinum toxin which is the most popular way to reduce facial lines and wrinkles !

What are Dynamic wrinkles ? We have often heard that BOT treats the dynamic wrinkles, not the static wrinkles. There are a large number of tiny muscles on the face responsible for bringing up all the emotions of the world , like frowning,smiling,laughing,crying etc. The repeated contraction & relaxation of these muscles over the years will develop creases along the skin. These wrinkles which are seen on expressions are called Dynamic wrinkles. Over the years , these lines may be visible even while the face is still. Then they become static wrinkles.BOT cannot treat these, they may require skin fillers to correct the furrows

What is BOT ? BOT (Botulinum Toxin ) is a neurotoxin used to temporarily reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet and thick bands in the neck.This is a toxin derived from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. BOT is being used extensively to treat in ophthalmology & neurology for eye squint, spasticity of muscles etc.BOT is also useful for excessive arm pit or palm sweating.

How does it work ? BOT injection blocks the muscular nerve signals, weakening the muscle so that it cannot contract and thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles In 4-6 month's time the effect of BOT fades off , & the injections are to be repeated for sustained effect.

What is the treatment like ? The treatment is often painless but a few may require a numbing cream on the injection sites for 30 minutes. The injections are done very superficially using an insulin or tuberculin needle. The spots are marked according to the muscle to be injected. It will take just a few minutes to finish the procedure.

What are the after-care ?

  • You shouldn't stoop down too low or lie flat for 4 hrs from the injection time.
  • You shouldn't massage the area for 4 hrs.
  • You should try to contract & relax the injected muscle ( try to emote !) once every 15 minutes for the next 1 hour. This is to help BOT to penetrate the exact area of action .
  • What are the side effects ? As with any other injection pain , bruising, headache may be the minor side effects. Serious side effects occur due to spread of the BOT to other regions away from the injection site.They include Temporary drooping of the treated muscles, Flu-like symptoms, Swallowing difficulty when treating the neck muscles etc. Fortunately these side effects are extremely rare.