Peels are nothing but a treatment using solutions with acidic PH, applied to the skin for a few minutes. This will bring about a change in the superficial layers of the skin which will gradually peel off in few days time after the procedure. The fresh new skin will be fresher & tighter than before. Any medicated cream used after a peel will work more better & faster than before.

Why there are many kinds of peels ? The effect of the peel depends upon the pH of the acidic solution used and the ingredients of the solution. So it can be a peel for brightening, peel for resurfacing, peel for oil control, peel for anti aging etc.or they can be superficial Peels, medium depth, & Deep peels.

Who can benefit from peels ? Peels are for anyone. Acne- The most frequently done peel is for acne / pimples. Peels can effectively control oil production thus reducing new acne & improving the black marks of acne. Pigmentation- There are brightening peels. These contain skin lightening agents which will improve the skin color & reduce spots & pigmentation very effectively & easily than any creams. Wrinkles & aging skin - Anti aging peels contain specialized ingredients like retinol , Vitamin C etc which will help to stimulate the collagen of the skin . Thus the wrinkles will improve & it will delay the onset of new wrinkles. Session every 2 months may help you stay young ! For a Radiant skin - Rejuvenating peels contain a lot of skin vitamins & lightening agents so as to bring a glow and shine to the face & body. Ideal before any parties or occasions. Can be combined with Mesotherapy for better results.

What are the side effects ? The New generation peels are totally safe for any kinds of skin. The possible side effects are due to acidic nature of the solution which may cause burns to sensitive skin. You can develop any allergy to any of the ingredients used. Sun exposure a week before & a week after the peel might cause chances of irritation & darkening.

What are the precautions to avoid side effects ? The main thing is the selection of the appropriate peel for the skin type & the skin complaint; the doctor will discuss it with you. Avoid Sun exposure a week before & a week later. Use good quality sunscreen with at least 45 SPF while on treatment. Stop skin creams containing Retinoic acid and other exfoliating agents at least 2 days prior to treatment. Avoid bleaching facials, scrubs, waxing etc a week before and a week after the peel. Inform the doctor at the earliest if any untoward redness or irritation happens.

The Serene Edge : At Serene,the client is being educated enough about the Pre & post peel care of the skin ; & the best of peels in the international aesthetic world is being used , so as to ensure efficacy & safety.