If you are tired of shaving ,waxing, threading or tweezing those unwanted hair of your face or body, Laser Hair Reduction is worth considering. It is the one of the most commonly done cosmetologic procedures world wide. The method is very simple , painless & effective . Serene skin & Laser Center offers the worlds best laser for Asian skin type called the Diode Laser , Light sheer from Lumenis USA.

How does it work ? The Laser machine emits a light of a particular wave length which is absorbed by the pigment melanin of the hair roots. The heat of absorption will destroy the hair root thus preventing the hair from growing out again.

Why do we need sessions ? Hair grows in a cycle. Active stage , resting stage & shedding stage. The laser catches only those hair in the active stage of growth, leaving other hair roots undamaged. At a given time the percentage of hair in the various stages differ according to the area treated.So the procedure has to be repeated 4- 8 times with a gap of 4-6 weeks to allow the other hair roots to pass into the active phase, so as to attain almost 90% reduction.

Will we be permanently hair free ? There is no 100% permanent hair removal method till date. The lasers give years of hair free period & the regrown hair will be fine & light when compared to how you started off.

What are the side effects ? Laser Hair reduction is a medical procedure which requires a professionally trained doctor to supervise and there are risks associated with it too. Tanning or sun exposure may irritate the lasered area to cause redness or pigmentation. Chances of burn from the laser Is a risk but the possibility is almost nil if the patient instructions are followed well & if the doctor uses the appropriate laser & power for the patients skin type.

How to prepare for Laser Hair reduction ? If you have made up your mind to go for the treatment, avoid plucking , tweezing or waxing the hair for at least 4 weeks before laser & in between the sessions .Because the laser targets the intact hair roots under the skin which should not be pulled out by any means. Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks before , during & 4 weeks after the last session of laser treatments , & use a good quality sunscreen to avoid any irritation or pigmentation. Avoid harsh chemical treatments on your skin like bleaching facials, scrubbing, peeling ,deep cleansing etc 4 weeks before & after lasers. Inform the doctor regarding the medications you are taking for any other illness to avoid possible photosensitivity.

How is the session ? An consent form is being signed by the client. Before the treatment, the hair will be trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface. Skin will be cooled with ice or cold air before & during the treatment. Protective eyeglasses should be worn. Laser treatment is relatively pain free or may feel like a snap of a rubberband on the skin. It may last for a few minutes to 1/2 an hour depending on the extent of the area treated. After the procedure skin will be cooled & anti inflammatory cream, sunscreen applied.

What to expect after the session ? You, may not feel anything at all or if the hair was thick the area may be red or the hair root may show small bumps for 15 - 30 min. Ice packs can be kept for a few minutes. The burnt hair will be shed from the skin in a few days time & you will feel totally hair free. When the next new hair growth stars , its time for the next session. Report back to the doctor if you feel redness, burning, tingling or pigmentation in the treated area.