A well-established skin clinic, Serene now moves into the lifestyle segment with its new range of world-class machines and services. Today, everybody is concerned about looks and therefore seek aesthetic treatments to combat ageing, obesity and acne. Therefore it is pertinent to have a space that caters to the lifestyle needs of the present. This is the reason why we are presenting to you “Serene Lifestyle”.

Lifestyle Diseases
Most common causes of lifestyle diseases include poor food habits, lack of sleep, chronic alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. In certain cases, the cause can even be hereditary as in the case of diabetes or thyroid.

Some aliments linked to lifestyle are :

Our Lifestyle Skin Team
Three advanced technologies couples with three expert specialist, experience the power of three with our new Lifestyle Skin Team. At Serene, we are always about providing top-notch care to our patients and so we never fail to adapt to the changes in lifestyle and technology.

Our team consists of :

How the lifestyle segment works
We perform preliminary screening on the patient and based on the results we decide on a treatment plan that includes counselling, changes in your diet along with our standard dermatologic al procedures.

The First in Kerala
Serene Skin Clinic is the first centre in Kerala to bring in innovative technology in skin & body care. We use a combination of machines – Zwave, Zlipo, SygmaLift and SygmaBody - to achieve the desired effect in skin care and body contouring. The future in aesthetic dermatology starts with us.
In the pursuit of a perfect life, acquiring a perfect physical appearance is something that can be achieved thanks to today’s advancements in science. Be the person you want to be. Be beautiful in your own way.