Wonder why your skin care cream is not giving you what you wanted ?
Many of the skin care products that we apply on the skin will not give us the expected results because it cannot effectively penetrate the skin as it is a very tough covering preventing anything from going inside. A number of newer molecules & newer ways of delivering medications have been developed to overcome this barrier and to get a faster , better result.

What is Mesotherapy ? Mesotherapy is an injection technique where the required medication is injected just millimeters below the skin with a very fine needle. The combination of medications injected depends upon the problem to be treated. In general , the substances used may include muscle relaxants, pain killers, local anaesthetics, anti inflammatories, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes etc.

Who will benefit from Mesotherapy ? Aesthetic dermatology has adopted Mesotherapy as an excellent anti aging & rejuvenating tool for face , body & hair .It is direct penetration of vitamins, nutrients & stimulants into the skin. If you have skin concerns like

  • Dull complexion
  • tired skin
  • pigmented patches, spots
  • wrinkles
  • stretch marks
  • cellulite (thighs, arms)
  • fatty folds (neck,abdomen)
  • Hair loss (recent or chronic)
  • Mesoglow : Mesotherapy can be done as a pre preparation for parties and occasions to give an immediate glow , hydration & tightness to the skin , by using vitamins, peptides & hyaluronic acid.

    Is it a painful procedure ? The doctor would apply a local anaesthetic cream on the treatment area and wait for 30-45 minutes before starting the treatment. It is absolutely painless thereafter .

    How is the treatment procedure ? The area to be treated is cleaned . If its a scalp treatment you will have to wash the scalp with the prescribed shampoo on the day of treatment. The doctor decides on the medication mixture that has to be injected , depending on your problem. The injections are done with a very small syringe and needle similar to the insulin needle. Its just like a small pin prick & the doctor rubs in the material. Multiple injections are done with 2cm gap to fill up the treatment area. It will take less than 30 minutes for the procedure. Once done, the area is not to be washed for a minimum of 6 hrs to allow the medications to penetrate deep.

    What to expect after treatment ? The skin may show some red marks on the injection site which will go off in less than 24 hrs time. The treatment is usually in 3-4 sessions 1-2 weeks apart. You will start noticing improvement from the first session itself.

    The Serene Edge : The result of Mesotherapy depends on the expertise of the doctor & the quality of the products used for injection. Serene Skin & Laser Center uses the best mesotherapy products in the international market to ensure you the tried & tested result.