The word 'PRP' stands for 'Platelet-Rich-Plasma'.This is Plasma separated from your own blood that is treated and injected back to the layers of the skin. PRP therapy is a time tested method to stimulate the growth of cells in orthopedic grafts, sports medicine, skin grafts in burn victims etc. This technology is being introduced in Aesthetic dermatology only recently and have gained much popularity in the western world , much hyped nowadays as the 'Vampire FaceLift'.

What does PRP contain ? The plasma which is separated from the blood is rich in platelets and fibrin.Platelets are useful

Who will benefit from PRP treatment ? Basically, PRP stimulates the growth of the weakened cells where it is being injected .

  • It will strengthen the dying hair follicle cells to regain hair growth in cases of chronic hair loss & early balding .
  • It will stimulate the aging collagen under the skin to get rid of those wrinkles & dullness especially those around the eyes.
  • It will plump up the collagen so as to give a youthful fullness of the face, which when treated along with skin fillers, is called the 'Liquid Face Lift'.
  • What is the treatment like ? You will be applied a numbing cream in the treatment area for 30-45 min. Meanwhile the nurse will draw about 10-15ml of blood from you in a specific tube & will centrifuge it in ideal settings to separate the plasma from it . Once prepared , it is mixed with platelet activators and is injected immediately on the layers of skin or scalp. It is almost painless but may feel like tiny pin pricks on the area.

    What to expect after treatment ? The face may have red needle stick points or bruises, especially near the eyes where the skin is thin. This will go off in a couple of days time The improvement will be visible in a weeks time but the end result is assessed after 3 months. The difference is subtle & less dramatic but the skin starts looking fresh and will regain a youthful glow . The hair quality also improves & hair fall stops. Minimum of 3 sessions with a month long interval is required as treatment, later once yearly maintenance treatment can be sought.