Cuts, scrapes, burn or pimples dont have to scar you for life !! We use an effective laser named Ultrapulse with SCAAR-FX from Lumenis, USA for the treatment of scars ranging from acne chicken pox, surgical, burn scars, strech marks to keloid and hypertrophic scars.

What are Scars ? Your skin is like a piece of slik cloth. Just one small tear in it will make a huge change in how it looks, No matter how well you try to stitch or patch it up !! But it isn't that bad with the skin. There are ways to prevent it & ways to treat it effectively at the right time.

ULTRAPULSE Laser from LUMENIS, USA : Its our pleasure to announce that Serene Skin & Laser Centre is equipped with the best of its kind, Gold standard laser for Scar reduction to improve the most stubborn scars. Ultrapulse with SCAAR-FX from Lumenis USA is highly effective for the treatment of scars of any type ranging from acne scars, chicken pox scars, surgical scars, burn scars, stretch marks, keloid and hypertrophic scars. The advantage of this laser is that it gives result in only one session where other lasers need 3-4 sessions. This is one of its kind in Kerala and one among the few in India. It is a versatile laser also used in various other treatments like Anti Ageing as it reduces wrinkles and bring in skin tightening. It rejuvenates tired skin to give a beautiful glow to the complexion.

How does the Laser work ? The ULTRA PULSE is designed to produce microscopic channels through the layers of the scarred skin .These wound channels stimulate the skin cells to produce more collagen .This new collagen will fill up the depressed scars & improve the skin wrinkles to get a more fresher looking skin.

How many sessions do I need ? With ULTRAPULSE we need to have just one session in most of the cases, where other such Lasers need 3-4 sessions. In rare instances of Hypertrophic Scars, we need to have more than one session.

How is the treatment session ? The doctor examines your scar & will advise you to use certain medicated creams for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the session to prime your skin before the laser treatment . This will avoid side effects. The treatment is done with topical anaesthesia . The session will take only 20-30 minutes maximum.

What should we do after the laser ? The doctor's instructions should be strictly followed to get the best results & to avoid side effects.

What are the side effects ? When done by a well trained dermatologist , on a well primed skin , side effects are negligible.In most cases the bad effects of laser occurs due to problems occurring in the healing time after the laser treatment. They are:

  • Redness of the skin persisting even after 10 days
  • Darkening of the treated area
  • White discolouration of the treated area
  • Sun sensitivity
  • When can we see the result ? Immediately after the Laser, the skin will look pinkish & it may remain for until a week. Strict sun avoidance & use of sunscreen is advised. You can start seeing the result within 3 weeks , but the final assessment is done only after 3 months, because the collagen remodelling occurs with course of time.